Status Saver-Downloader for WhatsApp – Privacy Policy


Status Saver-Downloader for WhatsApp holds everyone's privacy from every formal web page and user groups linked in any way to Status Saver-Downloader for WhatsApp, in high esteem and commits to protect it. This Privacy Policy; concerning Status Saver-Downloader for WhatsApp states: we'll not reveal any details concerning your privacy on purpose to any other persons without your permission or unless the specifications are clear in view of this.


What Details Will We Gather?

  1. We don't gather private details. These details include your telephone number, email address, fax number, name, address, physical location details and the information saved on your electronic device. Such information could easily give you away as you use web pages, services or applications. 
  2. Non-Private Information. As users engage our app, we can gather non-private details that identify a particular user. This non-private information details may consist of your phone's model, the specifications of your android version, and any information akin to this

(1) Session and Available Data. This phrase refers to data details about links and services that you make available to us once you engage in an application, web page, or service. Session and Available Data takes into account any details linked to the connection prompt, communication from the server, and data sharing, encompassing dates, time, location details, service quality and testing of the network. The collection of data is as pin-pointed below, besides session and available data. Bear in mind that Session and Available Data omits any private details and all material that you can use, like calendar, photos and contacts, web pages, or services that you share.

(2) Login Data. Our system automatically gathers information any time you engage us or make use of applications, our web pages or services, your electronic device's serial number, operating system, browser type and particular details of the date and time of logging in.

(3) Summary Information. "Summary Information" pertains to the data we gather from a cluster or user or type of service for the length of which users' details have been cleared. This implies that your understanding of the application's uses, websites and services could be gathered and pooled with the different ways other people make use of the websites, applications and services while omitting identity details in the confines of the ultimate summary information. By employing summary information, we can comprehend trends in user requirements to provide leads for the development of fresh features or offer custom-tailored applications, web pages and services


2. How Collected Information is Utilised

  1. Personal Information- We don't gather personal information from you and cannot use it in any manner.
  2. Non-personal Information. At times, non-personal information will be saved for use in purposes that arise in the future.

1) For a Personal User Experience- We may access your non-personal details to deduce the characteristics of users and different patterns linked to the norms of users.

2) To Provide Better Service-Your non-personal information is useful for providing, preserving, strengthening and perfecting the services, applications and websites that we offer. Based on this information, we can come up with new services.

3) For the Enhancement of Status Saver- Downloader for WhatsApp- With non-personal information gathered, we can create better marketing campaigns and improvement purposes.


3. The Possibility of Sharing Private Information

  1. Personal Information. As we don't collect personal details, we cannot disclose your personal information.
  2. Non-Personal Information. We don't sync private information and non-personal information (like assigning a number to your name and your user device.)


4. Sharing Your Information with Users

If you share your data with other users, we cannot regulate their behavior. We are in absolutely no position to put a reign on the conduct of other users you divulge your details to anytime you use a service, application or website or how such users utilize or share such information. We are not liable for a third party's behavior and infringement of our security mechanism.


5. Security

Keeping your information private is a critical element of Status Saver-Downloader for WhatsApp. We don't gather personal details, and we have practical guidelines in place to protect the no-personal information of our users by making it impossible to access and use the information without permission. Inasmuch as we have taken proper security measures to safeguard your privacy, we cannot affirm that your non-personal information is safe from being accessed without authorization.

6. Contact us/ Register Violations

Please reach out to us on to have your questions answered and share any suggestions you might have regarding this privacy policy. You can also report infringements of this policy or mismanagement of the website, service or appliance. 


7. Changes to This Privacy Policy 

We reserve all rights to manage, change and enhance this privacy policy at all times. Failure to comply with any alterations or modifications this policy will lead to automatic discontinuation from our websites, applications and services. Our employees and agents have no rights to effect any changes to this policy.


8. Disclaimer

There is no affiliation link between Status Saver-Downloader for WhatsApp and WhatsApp. It is merely a means to download WhatsApp statuses, and we acknowledge the owners' copyrights. Do not download any images and videos without the owner's authorization for commercial purposes.